Oct 27 2007

Image Sensors – Part 1

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Today’s digital cameras use one of 2 types of image sensors.

CCD – Charge Coupled Devices

CMOS – Complementory Metal Oxide Semiconductor

It can be a bit confusing as CCD is a chip design, whereas CMOS is a reference to the manufacturing process. Both do the same thing; convert light into an electrical charge.

In both cases, the sensors have very small light sensitive receptors (photosites) in a grid pattern.

A CCD sensor reads the information out row by row.
A CMOS one reads it out by individual photosite.

A CCD usually requires more power than a CMOS.

A CCD is usually slower than a CMOS.

A CCD is usually more sensitive to light than a CMOS.

A CCD usually has less “noise” than a CMOS. Digital noise is analogous to the grain in film. A grainy (noisy) photo is not as sharp looking.

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