Nov 11 2007

Equipment Checklist

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Here is a good starting point for an equipment checklist for a digital camera owner going out on location. We will develop a more extensive one for those of you becoming very serious amateurs, or junior professionals.

  • camera
  • camera how-to manual (just in case you forget how some obscure process works)
  • camera bag
  • coins (I always have some loose change in my camera bag)
  • lens hoods and lens caps
  • extra batteries
  • battery charger(s)
  • extra memory cards (formatted)
  • lenses
  • lens cases
  • cleaning kit
  • tripod
  • remote shutter release cable
  • external flash
  • batteries for external flash
  • documentation for all equipment (in case you traverse a national boundary, or lose equipment to theft; also good if you need to verify you have everything when re-packing)
  • memory card reader and USB cable (in case you need to leave copies of photos with another person)

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