Sep 16 2006

Binoculars and Digital Camera Combo

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Do you need to follow the action of animals or people from a distance? The binoculars and digital camera combo may be the tool for you. Let us explore the wide range of possibilities made available by this package.

Save Money And Time

If you are a professional bird watcher, or a private detective, and are closely following animals or people on whom you need to make reports and provide details such as pictures, then you will need two things – binoculars and a digital camera. This will allow you to capture pictures and then download them to your computer to include in any reports you produce.

However, technology today makes it a lot easier by providing us a binoculars and digital camera combo with which you can do both the watching and the picture taking at the same time. Think about the fact that you will not waste the time from stopping the animal or object to placing the binoculars down to pick up the camera and taking pictures. Sometimes wasting any time can cost you the whole mission.

The cost savings are considerable as well as you don’t need to invest in two separate things but only one which will serve both purposes in literarily one shot.

Where To Find Binoculars And Digital Camera Combo

Specialized stores in the domain will provide a wide range of the binoculars and digital camera combo depending on your needs. Some models even include night vision, which is a must for many detective or animal observing jobs. I have to say a favorite is the Spy Store, and many say that they can never come out purchasing only what they went in for as there are many little things that make great acquisitions to your collection.

Online stores are a great source as well. You will be able to strike some great deals there as well but be careful to read all details and guarantees before purchase. Remember that the binoculars and digital camera combo is an expensive piece of equipment and shipping must be done accordingly.

As A Gift

There is hardly a cooler gift for that gadget nut in your family than a set of binoculars with a built in digital camera. As we have already stated, these are great for bird watchers and private detectives. People also use these types of camera binoculars at horse races. They take some great photographs which look as if they are taken right from track side. Another possible use is on one of those once in a lifetime trips, like a Safari.

There are several types of the binoculars with built in camera that are the most popular, and this includes the Celestron VistaPix 8×32 binocular with built in 3.0 megapixel digital camera. This is a high-quality and extremely powerful binocular for clear, sharp, and bright views of the outdoors, and which offers a built in camera that allows for high-quality long-distance pictures. Pricing in Sep 2006 ranged up to $160.

There is also the option of the Meade 8×42 CaptureView Roof Prism binocular with 2.0 megapixel digital camera, which combines that of a high-performance, full-size roof prism binocular with a 2.0 megapixel digital camera in order to allow for the capturing of either stills or video. The large 42mm multi-coasted objective lenses deliver that of superior bright images, even in the lowest lights. Pricing in Sep 2006 ranged up to $200.

Another possibility is the Bushnell 8×32 Instant Replay Roof Prism binocular with built in digital camera. This is the ideal choice for the sports enthusiast as well as for the bird or wildlife watcher, and it also features video recording capability, has a flip-up LCD screen, and shoots 2.1 megapixel images. The main downfall of this choice is that of the price tag, as it is incredibly expensive, especially when compared to the other options that are available. Pricing in Sep 2006 ranged up to $260.

Visit a reputable store, either in-person or on-line, and see what they have to offer. Then start enjoying the world “close up and personal”.

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