Mar 21 2013

Best Lenses

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As I can afford to do so, I have been buying some better lenses. Still do not own any Canon “L” series ones (L for luxury or L for lotsa money!) but will some day.

Rather than talk about lenses that I have never owned (or rented) I will refer you to an article but a pro. There are many other similar articles out there. Jim Harmer has owned both Canon and Nikon, so that gives him a bit more credibility to discuss both.

See his article here.

p.s. I own one of the lenses on his list – the 50 mm 1.8, and I would LOVE to have a 70-200 2.8. My favourite lens right now is my Tamron 18-50 2.8. Way less money than the Canon equivalent, and it gets decent reviews. Bought it used via eBay. I also have the Canon EFS 17-85, but have not used it much yet. Before those 2, my fave was the Canon 28-135, which I used LOTS.

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