Jun 18 2008

A Guide To Digital Camera Batteries

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You just got home with your new digital camera, but have no idea how to get the best out of the batteries in it. You have heard all sorts of rumors about how the battery functions and what it can and cannot do. This article is going to walk you through the answers to your questions.

Basics Of A Digital Camera Battery

There are several different kinds, but the most common digital camera battery is a lithium ion battery. A lithium ion battery is a rechargeable battery that works by allowing lithium ions to move between the anode and cathode. The ions move in one direction when discharging, and the opposite when charging. These batteries are used in a variety of electronic devices. They have the best energy to weight ratios and a very slow loss of charge when not in use. These two factors are very important for a digital camera battery as it will spend most of its time not in use. When in use it is generally used very quickly.

The other important feature of lithium ion batteries is that they do not have a memory problem. This means that they can be charged and recharged without having to first be drained completely. Some older battery types would pick up a discharge/charge memory if they were constantly recharged before being fully discharged, and this meant that they did not hold as much of a charge over time. Eventually, they could not be fully charged and would “die” quickly. This is not good for batteries in devices such as cameras and other portable electronics that frequently need to be recharged.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into why your digital camera battery is the type it is. Without lithium ion batteries much of the revolution in the digital would be more difficult to accomplish. Because of the features of these batteries electronic devices are able to accomplish a lot more today than every before. If your digital camera battery were a limiting component of your camera, the rush to push the technology forward would not be as strong.

In Summary

Your digital camera battery is designed to be a seamless component of your camera. Make sure you buy newer technology batteries, like lithium ion. Do not be afraid to recharge your camera if it is not fully discharged, or be worried that by turning the camera off you will come back to a dead battery.

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