Feb 26 2007

6 Uses for Photoshop

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The Adobe Photoshop program has so many uses, it is nearly impossible to pick favorites. Everyone who uses the program has their own favorite set of uses, because everyone that uses a photo editing program has their own objectives for using it.

Photoshop was first developed as software to design and edit images that were to be printed. It allows users to edit images several times over and save them repeatedly without losing any quality, so they were of a high enough standard to print. This use is still probably the most common, although recently, the Adobe Photoshop brand has branched out to include more applications that allow users to edit film and create professional quality DVDs.

The number one use of Photoshop is editing photos. Everyone has heard people claim that the reason celebrities always look so fabulous is because magazines make liberal use of Photoshop editing! But Photoshop is not just for airbrushing. It has a wide variety of uses in editing photographs, from fixing flaws, like red eyes or blurs, to cropping and refocusing photos. It is possible to crop something from one photo and add it to another, or use the color tools in Photoshop to brighten up a dull picture. Photoshop has revolutionized photography for professionals and amateurs alike; many photographers can hardly remember life without it.

A second popular use for Photoshop is creating graphics for web sites. Designers are limited only by their own imaginations. Photoshop allows designers to incorporate photos, clip art, and vectors and images of their own creation they draw using the pen tool to create the graphic that they have in mind. Because Photoshop uses so many file formats, designers can save their designs in files specifically suited to their task, be it web design or printing.

Graphic designing for print media purposes is a third common use for Photoshop. This can have a number of applications, from magazine and newspaper layout to designing images to be printed on items like mugs, buttons, shirts, or almost anything. Photoshop allows users to take an image and bend it to see what it will look like on the scale of and in the shape of the item it will be printed on, and then edit it accordingly. This tool is invaluable to magazine designers as they lay out text and images together and to clothing designers who want to see how images work on their items.

A fourth popular use for Photoshop is collaborations. Because you can save files numerous times without losing quality, and because the file formats are compatible on nearly every operating system, Photoshop users of all sorts can collaborate with co-workers all over the world. And the collaborations are not all about work, either. A popular game has grown out of Photoshop technology called Photoshop Tennis, in which two designers send an image back and forth to each other, each making a change each time, for a pre-set number of rounds. At the end of the game, an independent judge declares who made the most valuable contributions.

A fifth use for Photoshop is sharing digital photos. Photoshop allows users to download right from their digital cameras to the program and make large batch alterations, and then save these photos in compressed files so they are easy to share.

A sixth important, if specialized, use of Photoshop is creating 3D animation. Pixar format is supported by Photoshop and has been used to create many Disney movies, like “Toy Story.” Though every Photoshop designer does not use this feature, it has made an important impact our culture.

NOTE: Most of the above abilities also exist in programs like Paint Shop Pro.

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