Jan 06 2012

Why Does Sony Shoot Itself In The Foot?

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I was looking at an ad for a photoshoot training session. A chance to get some hands on training on how to shoot beauty shots. Like the ones you see in magazines, said the ad.

Then, near the bottom of the ad, was this disclaimer.

DSLR Sony Owners: please advise if you shoot with a Sony DSLR. These great camera’s use a proprietary hot shoe for the trigger system, which the studio currently does not have in stock.

I think that Sony has had some awesome equipment in the last few years. But always, ALWAYS, a flaw. They always seem to have some proprietary way of doing something that EVERY OTHER MANUFACTURER has a common practice for.

It used to be a proprietary memory card. Notice that they have finally caved on that one? Most new Sony photo/video equipment allows SD as well.

Now it is a proprietary (what a horrid word to make sure I spell correctly!) hot shoe. So the studio does not bother having a Sony version of the radio controller for their studio lights. I do not blame the studio. I blame Sony. I mean, come on, doesn’t every one else’s hot shoe work the same? Except Sony’s??

What a pain. Way to ruin great stuff Sony.

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