Feb 16 2013

Photography: Capturing Cherished Memories Since 1826

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The people and moments we hold so close to our hearts cannot always be properly portrayed through words alone. This is where photographs come into play. Photographs are said to capture 1,000 words, so it’s good to know just how many ways you can go about not only getting the most out of the photographs you take but also protecting them and leaving your personal mark in the world.

Something to Pass on to Future Generations

One of the neatest things about photographs is the ability to show off where you have been, who you are and who you wanted (or still want) to be. It’s interesting to show your children, or grandkids what you looked like when you were there age, where you went to school, what your neighborhood growing up looked like and how your clothing was different ‘back in the day.’ It’s not only a great bonding experience but it’s also educational. These types of memories will stay with children into adulthood.

Relive Your Favorite Memories Time and Time Again

Not only will your legacy be passed on to your future family but there’s something really neat about opening up an old photo album, or seeing photos in your office from some of your most enjoyable family vacations, trips to the zoo and award-winning moments. It really keeps you motivated, especially when you find yourself going through rough patches. Memories have a way of getting all of us through those tough times and keeping our eyes on the prize. Maybe they will motivate you to keep working hard to get that promotion you’ve dreamed of for years now, or maybe you want to purchase a new home, move to a place of the world you have yet to visit. No matter what your goals are, sometimes the past is able to push us forward by reminding us how far we have truly come.

Keeping Your Photos Stored and Protected

There are many easy ways to keep the photographs you have safe. If you are concerned about physical photographs that have been passed down to you, scanning them to your computer or storing them on the internet (such as the Flickr and Shutterfly) is a great place to start. Depending on the way you choose to store your photographs, there are some pretty simple organization tools available today. Tag your photos with the person or people’s names, dates, event titles and any other ‘easily searchable’ phrases which will help you locate the exact photo you are looking for at any given time. Sharing is easier than ever. You can choose to set certain photos to private, while allowing your friends to see other ones. These settings can be adjusted at any given time.

Place some of your personal favorite photos on display in your home (never display the only copy). For those original copies, you may want to invest in a photo album that is acid free so your photos can stand the test of time. Acid has been known to literally ‘eat through’ physical photographs and if you have your pictures stored in a safe place, you may not realize until it’s too late. There are also photo-safe boxes that can be purchased at most craft stores, if you would like to go that route instead.

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