Apr 06 2008

Photographing Babies for Cash

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What new mother would not say that babies make the world go round, with their beautiful little faces and innocent personas. If you are wanting to pick a little cash on the side, you can use that fact to your advantage. Those same mothers love to have lots of photos to show off, and to keep.

Parents tend to get pictures taken of their children all the way through school ages, and it’s usually done on at least a yearly basis. However with babies, this process is known to be done multiple times per year, hoping to capture every part of their young childhood.

So no matter how many photographers specialize in baby photography, there never seems to be a time when the market is fully saturated. Like all businesses, starting a baby photography business will take time, effort and lots of exposure. So, it never hurts to pick up some tips along the way.

Don’t Forget the Portfolio

The importance of a baby photography portfolio is second to none. Without a portfolio featuring the work that you do, it’s hard to stir up interest in your business from others. As they say, the proof is in the pudding so don’t leave your proof at home. Take your time creating your baby photography portfolio, and then bring it with you wherever you go as you will never know when it will come in handy. At the start, just offer to take photos of babies from families that you know, through friends or co-workers. Tell them that you will do the photography at a heavy discount (maybe even free) if they allow you to use some of the results in your portfolio.

Get out There Baby!

With portfolio in hand (and on the internet!) get out there! Meet people, as many as you can. Go places where you’d expect to find parents and start talking! Local parks is a good place to start, but remember not to just start snapping pictures of children you don’t know yet as this tends to worry parents. Just introduce yourself, show them your portfolio and offer a business card that produces proof of your baby photography business.

Other places you can visit to create some buzz about your business include the zoo, local fast food restaurants and roller skating rinks. Anyplace parents are more than likely going to be with their children is a good place to associate yourself as a baby photographer.

Don’t Forget to Advertise

Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive.

  • Always have business cards on you.
  • Use Internet resources that may let you advertise for free.
  • Forums and discussion boards are good starting places.
  • Using services like Craigslist are easy and usually free.
  • Also, online parenting websites may offer inexpensive advertising which can work wonders for you.
  • Creating your own baby photography website is not a bad idea either, just make sure you know that you’ll need additional advertising to drive traffic to your website.

Finally, make sure to keep a file for the parents and offer services such as a montage on the child’s or children’s yearly progress (updated every year). Once you have a happy customer, you can probably get repeat business even after the baby years are over.

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