Aug 02 2009

How to Start a Photography Business

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You may be wondering what it takes to start a photography business.

Marketing and selling your photographic services plays a key part in being a successful professional photographer.

Going pro without a plan is an uncomfortable wake-up call for those who completed an occasional photography job for family and friends and thought all they had to do was “go into business”.

Finding clients on you own is what you’ll need to do, since friends and family assignments will not be enough on which to earn a living.

So how does one start a photography business, when competitors are everywhere?

There’s an easy way and a hard way.

Here’s the hard way. Going out without preparation to show your portfolio and expecting prospects to hire you. This will only lead to frustration and self-doubt after multiple rejections.

Don’t forget your prospects and clients can choose from any number of photographers. They can do it themselves (simpler than ever with today’s digital technology) or they can hire one from dozens of equally competent photographers.

The “school of hard knocks” await those who go out on their own without preparation, planning and some guidance from someone who’s on the “inside”.

The easy way is to understand that once you decide to become a photographer, you’re actually in business, and no longer just a photographer.

A professional photography business needs clients to survive and prosper, so you’ll need to learn how to market and sell your photographic services. The better you are at these two skills the easier it will be to attract the type of clients who have the “juicy” assignments that pay well and are fun to shoot.

Finding a mentor who can provide you with the resources, advice and “insider secrets” you’ll need will shortcut your learning curve immensely.

Avoiding the “school of hard knocks” should be your first priority. There’s no sense in you “reinventing the start up of a photography business” when almost everything you need can be accessed quickly online.

When you decide to start a photography business, imagine where you’ll be a year from now. Will you have done it the hard way or the easy way?

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