Aug 06 2009

Digital Photography Is Best Option For Wedding Photography

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Every one who has been married knows the value of capturing those magical moments. Digital photography has really prooved this thing to be true. It has carried out the best work and has ensured that the day should be saved in a DVD.

Working with assistants is the only habit of proffessionals. They always like to work with their assistants to create a nice wedding album. But if you are going to attend a friend’s marriage then there will be no one to help you. If you are going with digital photography then this article can really help you out. But first you need to know the basic things like

You need to understand all the important points of taking beautiful shots. You need to know that many times the couple is among the crowd so taking shot at that point of time is really useless. So it is always better to avoid these types of situations.

The guests with spectacles always destroy the image. Try to get hold of them and request them either to remove their spectacles or hold their head in such a position that there is no reflection, while taking pictures. If there is couple of group of people that you wish to include in the picture, use the zoom function for this activity. Do not ever shoot against the light.

Candid shots are also dramatic and these portraits often reveal more than the quality of the picture itself, in fact, many professionals use the zoom to capture intimate and memorable moments. You should be alert at all times when shooting digital wedding photography since you can seldom ask people to keep posing for you and the day is also about spontaneity.

if your camera is a 6 mega pixel resolution then you will need a large storage capacity card that will hold a few hundred shots at high resolution so a 1 gigabyte card should be sufficient.

The cameras resolution is always said to be at the maximum because the colors will be rich at this point. If you want to enlarge the photo, you can easily go for it it won’t be a problem. This is achieved by saving the images to your computer where you can print them out at your leisure on special photographic paper.

If you have switched to digital photography recently and was working with film photography from past so many years, then you may find it a bit strange at first, but afterwards you will enjoy it. Visit for more information.

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