Aug 25 2012

Tricks the Pros Use to Get that Perfect Shot

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Photography is something many people use on a regular basis. We take photos of ourselves and post them on social networks, we take photos of our family pets and we are constantly taking pictures when we are out and about. Anyone can take pictures, but not everyone can call themselves a photographer.

While being a successful and consistent photographer takes some time, there are some tips that we have learned from the pros over the years that we thought we would pass on to you. There is nothing like finding new ways to get the most of your photos and capturing those moments that can pass us by so quickly. We hope we are able to help you have something special to pass on down to generations to come.

Get to Know Your Camera

The most important step in capturing fantastic photographs is getting to know your camera. Take the time necessary to understand all the settings and options available to you. A lot of the time people skip this step and this could mean missing out on some fantastic shots. Understanding your camera means you understand just how many options are available to you.

Always Have Your Camera with You

If you do not currently carry your camera with you everywhere that you go, you should definitely start doing so today. The best photographs are captured at the most unexpected times. You never know what you may run into and this is especially true for those of you who like to photograph nature. Not having your camera with you regularly greatly reduces the number of opportunities you have to get a really amazing shot. You also want to make sure you keep your camera properly covered and stored so it does not become damaged. The last thing you want is for a scratch contained on your lens to show up in your photo.

Take Shots of Things You Enjoy

If you want to have the best chance of getting a great photo, then you should definitely focus on taking pictures of things that you love or are passionate about. Whether you are a huge fan of sports or a lover of animals; by selecting the subjects you care the most about, you are going to have much more drive and focus when it comes to snapping those great shots. Plus, you’ll have some sort of idea as to what you’re looking for and what others would enjoy seeing.

Mix Up the Perspective

Perspective is one of the neatest ways to get the true dimensions of your shot across. If you have a single object in your photograph, it can be tough to understand its true size. If, for example, you are taking pictures of a beautiful large tree you have come across, you may want to find a way to add some perspective by adding something to the photo to show the true size of the tree. You could have a chair sitting next to the tree or a person with their arms stretched up to the sky.

Off-Center Fun

There are so many fun things you can do with a photograph. While many people put their main focus at the center of the shot, this isn’t something you necessarily need to do. Have fun when it comes to experimenting with all of your options. We love photos where your subject is a bit off center so you can see the beautiful sunset in the background or get a better view of the surroundings.

Vertical and Horizontal

Typically people take most of their shots horizontally, but you can actually be missing out on some wonderful pictures that way. If you have the time, take each photo in both ways so you have different options to choose from. Of course, this can prove to be quite difficult when you are trying to capture a very quick moment. That’s the great thing about the digital world these days, though. If you need to, you can crop and change the shape of your photographs and edit them to your heart’s content.

Put the Focus on Small Objects

A lot of the times people forget how much editing control they have over their photos. Let’s say you took a few shots of a beautiful flower landscape. While some would only view the photo from that perspective, others would zoom in and find something beautiful within the shot that they can crop out and use as a whole new photo. Especially for those of you who have more expensive cameras, there are actually settings that can allow you to zoom in further and focus on different types of textures. Some cameras even have a ‘flower mode’ so you can guarantee your focus will be perfect for the job.

Get a Bird’s Eye or Dog’s Eye View

Most of you have probably heard the saying ‘Bird’s Eye View’. Well, have you ever noticed how most people take photographs only from their perspective? While you can get some great shots that way, there is nothing quite like getting low on the ground or high in the sky in order to get pictures that you just don’t see as often.

Take a picture of your pets for example. You probably have a ton of photographs of them from above or with someone holding them, but have you ever gotten down onto their level to get a shot of them? There is something so inviting about these kinds of photos. They allow people to get a view of your pet that isn’t often seen. The shot seems so up close and personal and shows off just how precious they truly are.

Reflections Give a New and Exciting Experience

Whether you are near a body of water or a reflective building, you can have fun experimenting with this photo feature. Reflections allow you a completely new vibe within your photographs because you are getting to see things at a whole new angle. Sometimes you may find that objects are slightly bent and distorted and there are so many wonderful things you can do with these types of photographs.

Patience is a Virtue

Being patient is probably one of the most important as well as one of the most difficult things you must do when trying to capture great photos. A lot of the time you are going to miss the shot you wanted and have to wait until the time is just right. If you are taking pictures of fast-paced scenes, you are going to want to find a camera that can keep up with the speed or this is going to be a very frustrating and time consuming task. Sometimes photographers must take hundreds of shots before they capture that perfect one that you see on the cover of a magazine or in the newspaper. Great photos do not always come along, but they will come to those who wait.

Know Your Ways Around Lighting

Lighting has so much to do with how well your photograph is going to come out. Sure, you may have everything just right but if your flash isn’t on or there are shadows cast from the angle of the light, the photo can be lost forever. Before you get into serious photo taking, it is important to understand how lighting works. If you are trying to take a picture of a person but there is light coming from directly above them, shadows are going to be cast over their face and this may not be the look you are going for. Also, if there is an object blocking the light from a person’s face then this can mean inconsistency throughout the photo.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

Especially when you are a beginning photographer, it’s important to stay free of distractions. If this means you need to go on that nature walk alone or turn your phone off, so be it. Everyone works their magic in unique ways and it’s important that you give yourself alone time when you are learning about your personal style and way of getting those great shots.

Practice Makes Perfect

You’ve probably heard this saying many times before and it is definitely true when it comes to photography. Sure, you can read book after book and study day and night but until you actually get out there and start practicing the things you learn, you aren’t going to get any better at it.

Now All You Need to Do is Display Them Somewhere Nice

As you get better and better at taking photographs, you are going to want to find creative ways to display them in your home. You can do so by creating collages throughout your home or even blowing up posters so you can show off some of your personal favorites. Your pictures are going to live on throughout your lifetime and into the next, so don’t be shy and put them somewhere for the whole world to see.

The article is written by Stephen, who is professional photographer and shares photography tips through guest posts. He suggests visiting to print and frame personal digital photos at an affordable price.

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