Jul 11 2006

Photographing Children’s Sports

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One of my favourite photo subjects is children’s sports. It combines 2 of my favourite topics; children (see Grandpa Richard’s Kids) and photography. The following article gives tips for taking fast-action pictures of your child’s sports game.

Attending your child’s last sporting event may have seemed more like a red-carpet event with all the parents with their cameras positioned, crowding the sidelines to capture their child’s next big sports achievement. Despite their best efforts, some parents are often disappointed with the results.

“Most parents are frustrated when they take fast-action photos because the picture is often blurry,” says Gray Mortimore, expert sports photographer. “The key to taking great sports shots is to make sure you have the right tools for the task.”

Whether your child’s sport of choice is hockey or soccer, consider the following tips from Fuji before heading out to your child’s next big game.

It’s all in the camera: Fast-paced sports photography calls for a responsive digital camera. If your digital camera has shutter lag or a delay, then taking good-quality sports photos will be a challenge. Speed is vital when photographing sports, so you need a camera that will address this fact. That means selecting a digital camera that offers a fast start-up and a short shutter lag. Mortimore recommends the FinePix F10 from Fuji.

Where’s the action: One of the key elements to keep in mind when photographing a child’s sports game is your position. All sports, from hockey to baseball, have a centre point of action. Parents want to be in the position to get that great action shot. For example, behind the net at a soccer game is a prime location, as you’ll be sure to get all the on-coming scoring action.

Time for a close up: When it comes to team sports, it’s often hard to pick out your little super star from the crowd. That’s why a zoom function is another important consideration when selecting a digital camera. Look for a camera with an optical zoom factor which measures how close the lenses can be moved to magnify a distant image. (Editor’s note: make sure your new camera has a minimum of 3x optical zoom [see my article Digital Zoom versus Optical Zoom])

From camera to print: Remember in order to get the best quality prints that last, have your photos developed by a trusted photo retailer by placing them on a CD-R or send them via the Internet. (Editor’s note: I use either the Internet method [see my article Ordering Prints Online ], or just take in your camera’s memory card as most retailers accept these now [see point # 4 in my article Uses of Flash Memory Cards])

“Getting that great action shot is just one click away. With the right tools on your digital camera, capturing these special moments is a breeze,” says Mortimore.

For more information on digital photography, go to Fuji Film Canada.

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