Jul 09 2006

Black and White Photography

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As with television and the movies, black and white pictures were first developed long before colored pictures were born.

The history of the modern photograph is much printed in monochromatic pictures, which are basically black and white pictures. The photograph back then was rendered in dark and light patches which were used to create black and white effects. The dark portions would sometimes be rendered as gray or brown-ish.

Fall of Black and White

When the colored picture came into the scene during the 1975 era, black and white pictures came falling down, and they fell hard. There were many reasons behind this plummeting. The different manufacturers were developing better-than-ever color films and they were creating these films at low prices. The number of good developers of black and white films was also declining. The attention of the public was turned into the more elaborate and exciting colored pictures.

Because of the different factors that were affecting the photography market, the use of black and white film went further down to rock bottom. People started to see the use of black and white film as a difficult thing to do and they wanted to shift to the use of colored film as soon as they could. So, in those periods, people who studied photography or took photography classes were deprived of the beauty of the black and white picture. The market and the conditions around the photographers were shaped so as to repress the black and white scene in general.

Rise of Black and White

Black and white photography is back in style. People are now seeing the inherent beauty that these photographs capture. They are back in print advertising. The modern print advertising materials are so cluttered by so many colors and pictures and when the black and white materials are put side by side with them, the black and white pictures gives the beholder a sense of reality which the colored ones can’t give.

As the cliché goes, “black is beautiful.” And black wouldn’t be black if there wasn’t white, therefore, “black and white” is beautiful. The black and white picture was never really gone away especially from the point of view of the professional photographers. The art scene was never detached from using black and white pictures, so as the newspaper industry, where many newspaper would want their photographers to get their pictures in the black and white format.

With the advent of digital photography, you can instantly convert your colored photos into black and white ones, the black and white pictures are definitely making a strong comeback. This time around, the black and white scene is here to stay.

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