Nov 19 2007

Black and White Photography

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Digital cameras come with many features, and one is the ability to try black and white photography. Some cameras come with settings for black and white photography, and most photo editing software comes with the option to change color photographs into black and white. Black and white often adds an element of mystery to a photo that color cannot capture. Photos in black and white are especially popular for portraits and candid shots of young children. Black and white photography adds an intimate feel to a photo that you may not find in color. Black and white is also a great alternative for nature photos. A photo of a single flower or a tree can be stunning in black and white. For a unique photograph, you can then take that photo and add color to just one part of the photo using your photo software. If you aren’t convinced you should give black and white photography a try, do some experimenting. Take some of your existing photos and turn them to black and white using photo editing software.

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